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Aeration for Laguna Niguel Park

When the water quality of a lake at a regional park began to suffer from runoff and poor aeration, Tornado aerators turned it around

Tornado Aeration

Runoff with a high organic load was destroying the quality of Laguna Niguel in Orange County, California, but an arrangement of Fluence aerators restored its beauty and health

When water quality at Southern California's Laguna Niguel deteriorated, it damaged both the lake's recreational value and the aesthetic value important to owners of homes surrounding the park. Aeration held the key to restoring the lake.


Southern California's Laguna Niguel Regional Park is a large recreation area that offers hiking and horse riding trails, picnic areas, woods, and a 44-acre lake. The quality of the manmade lake, once a significant feature of the park, began to suffer. It was poorly aerated and was receiving a heavy organic load from surrounding runoff areas and discharge from a nearby wastewater treatment facility. Eventually, the lake was unable to support aquatic life, while odor and algae made it less appealing to visitors. In addition, the lake was no longer providing aesthetic value to the multi-million-dollar homes that surrounded the park.


Park owners sought to install an environmentally safe system that would restore the lake to its former condition as a recreational area with fishing and boat rental.


Fluence worked with the park to install five 7.5 horsepower TORNADO® self-aspirating surface aerators and two diffused air systems in the deepest areas
of the lake to oxygenate the lake. Submerged aerators provide oxygen deep in the lake and the floating aerators -- disguised as large rocks -- provide surface aeration.


Lake rejuvenation was accomplished by using aeration to speed up the lake's natural cleansing process. Proper aeration removed the algae and odor problems naturally and is keeping the oxygen content of the water high enough to support a profitable fishing industry. The lake now enhances recreational opportunities for visitors and increases the aesthetic value of the area.

Fluence designs and manufactures a diverse line of aerators, mixers, and fountains for freshwater applications. Our products are used worldwide
to improve water quality, control algae, help foster aquatic life, prevent fish kill, reduce bottom muck, and beautify bodies of water. Contact Fluence to learn more about the solution that's best suited for your needs.


Laguna Niguel, California, U.S.

Orange County

Freshwater Aeration

Five 7.5 horsepower TORNADO® Self-Aspirating Surface Aerators and two Submerged Diffused Air Systems



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