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Fluence Corporation Limited (ASX: FLC; the “Company”) is pleased to announce it has been awarded two Industrial Wastewater and Biogas contracts with a total value of $3.7M. In addition, Fluence is gaining traction in North America with $3.3M of Municipal Water and Wastewater bookings in the first two months of 2024, eclipsing the region’s total municipal sales for all of 2023.

Multiple Industrial Wastewater and Biogas Wins
Fluence has secured a $2.3M contract to provide a 7,500 m³/day aerobic wastewater purification plant for Cartiere di Trevi, a primary recycled papermill located in Trevi, Italy, that produces up to 240 tons of cardboard daily. Commissioning is planned for mid-2025.

In addition, a major food processing company in northern Italy has purchased a new pre-treatment process from Fluence for $1.4M. The solution includes wastewater accumulation and primary treatment, specifically fine screenings and dissolved air flotation units. Capacity is up to 5,500 m³/day and commissioning is targeted for late 2024.

Commenting on these orders, Fabio Poletto, VP and GM of Industrial Wastewater and Biogas, said: “We continue to capitalize on our strong reputation and customer relationships in Italy and we're starting to gain traction in North America with several significant letters of intent that have been executed already in 2024.”

Gaining Traction in the North American Municipal Market, First MABR Sales in Two States
Fluence’s Municipal Water & Wastewater group has secured several contracts in North America, with a total value of $3.3M. Two of these orders are a result of penetrating new markets, bringing the company’s MABR (membrane aerated biofilm reactor) technology to Colorado and Indiana for the first time.

In Colorado, Fluence secured a contract to supply an MABR plant to Sagewood Pointe Homeowners Association. The 26,000 GPD wastewater treatment plant includes a 40’ equalization/sludge holding tank (EQ/SST), Aspiral™ L3 and Aspiral™ M0 Plus with UV disinfection. The plant is targeted for delivery and commissioning by the end of the year. This win follows Fluence MABR technology receiving approval from the Water Quality Control Division of the Department of Public Health and Environment in Colorado.

Fluence has also secured an order for an Aspiral™ M1+ and an EQ/SST tank for Needmore Elementary School in Bedford, Indiana. The equalization/sludge storage tanks for Sagewood and Needmore are new offerings that are part of Fluence’s growing Aspiral™ Flex family of products meant to satisfy our clients’ requests for “one stop shop” treatment plant solutions. Fluence’s ability to provide a more comprehensive offering for each project has multiple benefits to our clients including less burden for them to separately procure portions of the plant, lower overall cost, an expedited project schedule and a more streamlined project development process.

Commenting on these orders, Steven Scheidler, VP & GM of Municipal Water and Wastewater, said: “We are very pleased to sign these contracts with Sage and Needmore. Biological nutrient removal (“BNR”) regulations are getting stricter in states across the US. Our Aspiral™ solution provides high nutrient removal using MABR treatment technology’s self-respiring spirally wound membranes, packaged compactly for quick delivery and easy set up. These wins open the door for more BNR projects in Colorado, Indiana, and other states across the country."

All financial numbers contained herein are in US dollars and are unaudited.


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