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Resorts World Bimini Desalination

Using a BOOT contract, Fluence replaced a resort's legacy desalination plant with a state-of-the-art SWRO plant

Desalination for Resort in Bahamas

The modular plant was assembled with three of Fluence's NIROBOX™ seawater reverse osmosis desalination units.


For most of its history, the tiny Bahamian island of North Bimini relied on collected rainwater and a few private wells for fresh water, which produced water that sometimes was below drinking standards. In 2018, when Rav Bahamas Ltd., a non-residential building contractor, needed to replace the outdated desalination plant at Resorts World, it contracted with Fluence to supply and install a packaged desalination plant at the resort on North Bimini. ’


Rav Bahamas Ltd. needed to replace the unreliable Resorts World legacy plant with one that could produce an adequate supply of fresh water for its growing business, which includes luxury suites, a hotel, pools, a spa, a salon, a marina, a casino, and landscaping.


The modular plant was assembled with three of Fluence's NIROBOX™ seawater reverse osmosis desalination units, each capable of supplying 1,000 m3/d of potable water. The units are housed in shipping containers for fast and simple shipping and installation.  The containers are coated to resist salt air corrosion and are rated for 150 mph hurricane winds.

Fluence used a well intake for the plant, which provides a natural filtration barrier for better water quality than open-sea intakes. Studies suggest beach well intakes significantly improve lifecycle environmental burdens due to lower power and chemical use.


The plant treats 800,000 GPD of seawater (3 million L/d) at the Resorts World property. Not only does the plant supply fresh water for drinking, irrigation, and operations at the resort, but it also provides water for 300 homes and condominiums in the local homeowners association, as well as the municipality of North Bimini, maintaining the relationship between the community and the client.

This reliable stream of fresh water has allowed Resorts World Bimini to expand with a new Ibiza-style beach club that welcomes major cruise lines. The three Fluence NIROBOX™ units continue to operate in compliance with local water regulations, and their modular design allows for easy scalability if demand increases.

During COVID-19 restrictions, Resorts World Bimini was forced to shut down until travel restrictions were lifted, but the NIROBOX™ plant remained operational to support the island population throughout the pandemic. Today, with restrictions lifted, the entire island continues to receive a clean and safe stream of potable water.

Contact Fluence, a member of the Caribbean Desalination Association, to learn more about how growing island resorts and communities can prosper in the age of climate change.


North Bimini, Bahamas

Rav Bahamas Ltd.


Modular reverse osmosis seawater desalination


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