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Food & Beverage Processing Solutions

From ion exchange to resin processes to advanced chromatography, Fluence offers a range of sustainable and cost-effective solutions for food and beverage processing

Fluence has more than 30 years of experience implementing food-processing solutions using ion exchange and adsorbent resins. Our innovative solutions are ideal for wine and fruit juice processing, as well as whey demineralization and cane sugar decolorizing.

Fluence also is a global leader in the design of four simulated moving bed (4SMB) chromatography plants for the purification of fruit juices and the production of organic fructose without the use of chemical reagents.

Sustainable Solutions for Food and Beverage Processing

Fluence has decades of experience delivering cost-effective and efficient solutions for food and beverage operations across the globe. Our expertise spans the following processes, and more.

Demineralization of Fruit Juices
Fluence's demineralization processes offer very low reagent consumption and superior performance in concentrating treated juices for a high-quality end product.
Recovery of Organic Acids and Natural Colors of Fruit
Fluence has solutions to recover organic acids and natural colors in fruit juices, such as malic acid, tartaric acid, and enocyanin. We nearly eliminate demineralization costs, increase overall plant efficiency, reduce energy consumption, and lower both the organic load in the wastewater and the quantity of sludge produced. Fluence solutions can be customized to reduce the plant footprint.
Tartaric Stabilization
Fluence provides innovative solutions for tartaric stabilization of wine through ion exchange resins. They incur lower investment and operating costs than the standard process of cold stabilization and provide the following benefits:

  • Reduced dilution of the treated juice
  • High-quality end product
  • Low consumption of regenerants
  • Maximum use of the resin exchange capacity

Our technologies are carefully crafted to ensure optimum organoleptic properties of the end product through the careful selection of suitable materials and resins.

Fluence provides solutions for the reduction of polyphenol concentration and for the complete decolorization of grape must, sugar cane, and other fruit juices. Our solutions result in the perfect control of the juice's color and the recovery of natural colorants (enocyanin) without the use of alcohol. Our plants minimize organic load that is not readily biodegradable in wastewater treatment plants.
Fluence's solutions for debittering use adsorbent resins to remove the bitter taste of some types of citrus fruits.

There are many applications of ion exchange and adsorbent resins, and the technology is continuously developing. Fluence works in close partnership with the most trusted resin production and distribution companies – including Resindion-Mitsubishi, Bayer, and Purolite - to address customers' problems and deliver innovative, cost-effective solutions.

Four Simulated Moving Bed (4SMB) Chromatography
4SMB chromatography, a technique originally used to purify molasses in sugar refineries, uses only water to separate sugars from salts. Fluence's unique expertise extends to 4SMB chromatography applications for fruit concentrates and whey. Our technologies do not use chemical reagents such as acids and soda because the resin doesn't need to be regenerated. 4SMB reduces saline and contaminating load in wastewater.

4SMB chromatography also can be used to separate sugars such as glucose, sucrose, and fructose from demineralized concentrated must (DCM) and from concentrated apple juice.

Our technologies are the only "green and purely organic technologies" certified by the international authorities in fruit juices and sugars processing.

Whey Demineralization
In addition to proteins, whey contains lactose and mineral salts, which can be recovered and converted into more valuable substances, such as baby food ingredients. The demineralization process, which uses ionic exchange resins, reduces the mineral load by 90%, preserving lactose and proteins. Crystallized and dried demineralized whey is used widely as a raw material for food products and in the pharmaceutical industry.

Sustainable Solutions for the Food and Beverage Industries

If you're looking for advanced, sustainable processes for your food or beverage plant, Fluence offers a range of cost-effective solutions including debittering, demineralization, decolorization, and more.

Contact our experts to discuss your specific project details, and learn how our solutions can help you meet your goals.


Contact us to learn more about our food and beverage processing solutions, or to discuss your next project with our experts.


Featured Food and Beverage Industry Case Studies

Resin Filters Increase Flavonoid Pigment Extraction From Juices

A bioscience company wanted to improve its natural flavonoid pigment extraction. Specialty resin filters improved production and lowered operating costs.

Waste-to-Energy Upgrade for Chicken Processing WWTP

When one of Italy’s top chicken producers needed to increase production while lowering costs, it turned to Fluence for a waste-to-energy upgrade to its existing WWTP.

Italian Organic Foods Company Uses 4SMB

Because of its commitment to sustainable development, an Italian production and trade company that offers products exclusively from organic farming chose Fluence to implement 4SMB chromatographic separation of its concentrated apple juice. The system produces less salty wastewater than plants using traditional ion exchange resins, and saves almost 60% in operating expenses.

Dairy Feeds Biogas Plant With Whey

Waste-to-energy can turn waste into an asset. Fluence added anaerobic digestion to the WWTP at an Italian cheese factory, creating energy for plant.

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