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MABR Provides Efficient Wastewater Treatment for Chinese Village

MABR-based plant provides high effluent quality with low energy expenditure, as well as low odor and noise

MABR-Based Plant Wastewater Treatment

In six months, Outang Village went from having no wastewater treatment plant to having a MABR-based plant treating 40m3/d of effluent to strict Class 1A standards.


Outang Village in China's Zhejiang Province is a rural residential area adjacent to Qu River. Its 400 residents (150 households) are mostly farmers, growing rice, oranges, and vegetables. The river is the village's main water source for irrigation and domestic use. Wastewater, which was being discharged into the river and over the ground, was affecting the villagers' livelihood and spoiling the natural environment.


 2016, the Chinese government set a five-year plan specifying that by 2021, 70% of wastewater in rural areas had to be treated to meet Class 1A standards. The village, which had no wastewater treatment plant, had effluent with higher than usual nitrogen levels. The solution had to produce effluent suitable for reuse in irrigation, and because of proximity to housing, the solution had to be quiet, odorless, and environmentally friendly. And, it had to be commissioned in six months.


The 40 m3/d plant was constructed using a MABR-based solution, which was chosen based on its low CapEx and OpEx, its high-quality effluent, and its low noise and odor. MABR is highly energy-efficient, and has high nitrogen and phosphorus removal thanks to its simultaneous nitrification-denitrification.


Since May 2018, the plant has been providing much-needed wastewater treatment capacity to the village, meeting China's strict Class 1A standards, confirmed by a third-party laboratory, Hangzhou Environmental Testing Technology Co., Ltd.

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Outang Village, Qujiang District, Zhejiang Province, China

Tiandi Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd.

MABR-Based Plant Wastewater Treatment

Pretreatment with fine screen and FOG separators; biological treatment with three MABR modules submerged in a concrete basin; a secondary clarifier; tertiary media filters and disinfection unit; and holding tank for sludge



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