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Water Management Services

Get the water infrastructure you need, expertly managed and with no upfront costs.

Leave the water management to the experts.

Fluence's Water Management Services can deliver the water you need with no up-front infrastructure investment or maintenance costs. We'll finance, construct, and operate the water or wastewater treatment plant, so you can focus on what you do best.

Our Water Management Services


Near a sea, lake, or well? We can treat almost any water source to produce clean water for drinking and more.

Wastewater Treatment for Reuse

Paying to discard your wastewater? We can treat the wastewater for you on site to a high standard, so you can use it again for various purposes.

Water 360: Desalination & Wastewater Treatment for Reuse

Water, wastewater, and reuse in a complete package, giving you the ability to lower water and wastewater costs typically 30% or more.
How Our Water Management Services Work
  1. You tell us how much water you want, at what quality.
  2. We build a new plant on our budget (Build-Own-Operate) or buy your plant and upgrade it (Buy-Back Program).
  3. We operate and maintain the plant with the help of local partners.
  4. You purchase the clean water and use it on-site.
How Management Services Work

Best-in-Class Equipment

Fluence's modular water, wastewater, and reuse solutions are robust yet energy-efficient, scalable, and sustainable.

NIROBOX™ Desalination Plant at Costa Rican Resort

NIROBOX™ for Desalination

Our water treatment solutions provide drinking-quality water from nearly any water source, all while offering the industry's smallest overall footprint.

Ethekwini Pilot Aspiral Plant

Aspiral™ for Wastewater Treatment

The treated wastewater meets California’s strict Title 22 water reuse standards for irrigation use.

Water Infrastructure That Blends Into the Environment
We know that visitors come to your location for its ambiance. Our equipment is containerized, offering the benefits of robust treatment without jeopardizing the guest experience.

  • Small footprint
  • No noise, no smell
  • Remote management
  • Option to customize the container
China Zhejiang Tonglu
Fast and Reliable Construction and Startup

  • Fluence is making a long-term investment
  • Our interests are aligned to expedite deployment with quality equipment and construction

Our Water Management Team

The Leader in Decentralized Water and Wastewater Treatment Solutions

Fluence Employees collaborating

We are a global team of engineers, scientists, and professionals passionate about changing the world of water through innovative, sustainable technologies. We specialize in providing plug-and-play, high-quality, and cost-effective water and wastewater treatment solutions that can be quickly installed, automatically operated, and easily maintained, so you get reliable, clean water worry-free. We have trusted partners on the ground with the local knowledge to build and operate successful projects.

Fluence by the Numbers

  • 290
    MABR plants
  • 119
    NIROBOX™ systems
  • 156B liters
    of drinking water produced a year
  • 223B liters
    of wastewater treated a year

Featured Water Management Case Studies

NIROBOX™ Seawater Desalination for Coastal Resort

Fluence was able to help Reserva Conchal quickly secure a reliable, cost-effective, and energy-efficient source of water without disturbing the local environment. With desalinated water readily available, the resort will be able to operate at full occupancy even in the dry season, irrigating golf courses, supplying water for swimming pools, and providing service water throughout the development.

Desalination for Bahamian Resort

Rav Bahamas Limited contracted with Fluence to replace its old desalination plant on North Bimini with a new one for its Resorts World property. The new plant, based on three Fluence NIROBOX™ SW units, utilizes a well intake to supply 800,000 GPD  (3 million L/d) of fresh water for the resort, including luxury suites, a new Hilton hotel, pools, a spa, a salon, a marina, a casino, and landscaping.

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