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Smart Operations

Our Smart Operations data analytics software suite helps you keep an eye on your plant's processes to save money

Fluence is focused on maintaining customer satisfaction after a sale, and on ensuring that the plant continues to operate within the initial design parameters day in and day out. To that purpose, our Smart Operations data analytics software suite collects data, monitors, and optimizes plant performance. This suite helps water treatment plant managers, engineers, and operators quickly analyze and troubleshoot plant operations and performance. Smart Operations reduces costs and improves service.

The software uses proprietary algorithms for real-time, detailed analysis of plant performance. It identifies latent performance issues, performance degradation, and turns the water treatment plant into a smarter facility by ultimately recommending corrective measures and adjustments for performance optimization.

The software optimizes plant conditions to continuously and consistently deliver the lowest cost of product, which results in significant operation and maintenance savings through:

  • More efficient manpower placement
  • Higher plant availability and reliability
  • Reduced chemical consumption
  • Lower energy consumption through process optimization
  • Enhanced hardware maintenance for increased service life

The Smart Operations platform is ideal for decentralized treatment plants where it's not feasible to employ large maintenance teams, and where multiple packaged modules are operating as a single plant.

Smart Operations Benefits

  • Prevents potential breakdowns and improves service reliability
  • Allows real-time event management and analysis
  • Automatically provides valuable, real-time diagnostics and performance reports, and enables plant adjustment to maximize operational efficiency
  • Extends lifetime of plant
  • Reduces operating and labor costs
  • Improves the customer experience

Optimizing Your Facility With Smart Operations

Are you looking for a way to optimize the performance of your water treatment plant? Contact our experts for more information about how our Smart Operations data analytics software suite can help you optimize performance and save money.


Contact us to learn more about our Smart Operations software suite, or to discuss your next project with our experts.


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