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Industrial Water & Wastewater Treatment

Fluence has decades of experience delivering cost-effective and sustainable treatment solutions for a wide range of industries

Fluence has been working with industrial customers for more than 30 years, addressing their water and wastewater needs in the most effective way possible. We have references in the following industries:

Fluence provides water, wastewater, waste-to-energy, and reuse solutions, including:

  • Water treatment for drinking purposes
  • Water treatment for general industrial use
  • Treatment of produced water (oil and gas upstream)
  • Desalination and brine concentration
  • Process water treatment for boiler feed and makeup water
  • Water treatment for cooling system
  • Treatment of cooling tower blowdown
  • Condensate treatment
  • Physico-chemical, aerobic, and anaerobic wastewater treatment
  • Sludge treatment
  • Water reuseincluding zero liquid discharge (ZLD)
  • Containerized treatment

Our sophisticated management systems ensure that our projects are delivered on schedule and on budget while meeting the requirements of our customers, wherever they are in the world. We have experience delivering projects and equipment in more than 70 countries.

Our scope of services includes:

  • Water-cycle evaluation
  • Equipment and products sales
  • Turnkeys (design and build)
  • Installation and commissioning
  • Training
  • After-sales support (spares, consumables, repair)
  • Process support
  • Operations and maintenance
  • Project financing

Our industrial treatment systems can be custom-designed to meet the most stringent quality requirements, or standardized, preassembled and packaged or containerized.

Our plants are fully automated and are controlled by our innovative Smart Operation suite, which enables real-time monitoring and response, as well as optimization of operation and maintenance costs.

Packaged and Containerized Treatment Systems for Industry

Fluence is a global leader in decentralized treatment solutions for industrial clients. Our pre-engineered, preassembled, and containerized water and wastewater treatment systems are reliable, robust, energy-efficient and simple to install. They can be up and running in record time, even in remote locations.

Our systems can deliver drinking, process and ultrapure water from any source, including seawater, brackish water, ground and surface water. Treated water will meet any specificic quality requirements and can be suitable for any applications including cooling towers, boilers, makeup water and more. The systems are modular and scalable, and can be expanded or removed according the site needs.

Our packaged and containerized systems include:

  • NIROBOX™, a seawater, brackish, or freshwater treatment plant housed in a standard 40-foot shipping container.
  • Tipton Series, a range of packaged wastewater treatment plants that provide extended aeration
  • EcoBox™, a wastewater reuse treatment plant, housed in a 40-foot container, that provides process and ultrapure water

Fluence offers short- and long-term lease, service and O&M contracts.

Contact us to learn more about our industrial water treatment solutions, or to discuss your specific project details.


Contact us to learn more about our industrial water and wastewater solutions, or to discuss your next project with our experts.


Featured Industrial Treatment Case Studies

Containerized Blowdown Water Recycling for Solar Power Plant

A utility-scale concentrated solar power (CSP) plant in Israel uses sunlight to produce high-pressure steam to power a turbine generator. Brackish blowdown wastewater, which is continuously discharged on-site, must be disposed of in evaporation ponds unless it's treated for reuse. Our fully containerized solution uses ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis to produce cooling makeup water from the blowdown, and adds second-pass reverse osmosis, GTM degassing, and CEDI polishing to produce ultrapure water for boiler use. For maximum reliability, the system is designed with full duty-standby redundancy, including for the control system.

EFC Reactor Efficiently Handles Pharmaceutical Wastewater

A pharmaceuticals producer wanted to add anaerobic digestion to its aerobic wastewater treatment plant, which had high energy consumption and sludge production. Without interrupting production, an anaerobic digester and a proprietary external forced circulation (EFC) reactor were added, producing a highly efficient and cost-effective solution.

Reducing Sludge at a Fish Processing Plant

Fish processing produces an effluent particularly high in nitrogen and COD. A leading tuna processor in Ecuador wanted to add anaerobic digestion to its plant, but it had to be done without interrupting production. The successful upgrade allowed the plant to meet environmental discharge limits, produce biogas used in the processing plant, thus lowering energy costs and reduce its sludge volume by 85%.

Upgrade Helps Paper Producer Meet Environmental Standards

After a large Italian paper producer reduced its water use, pollutants in its effluent were concentrated, which made it hard to meet the parameters of its discharge permit. We refurbished the existing WWT plant, adding an EFC reactor and lamellar clarification. Sludge waste volume was reduced by 8 tons a day, use of electricity was reduced by 8,000 kWh/d, and the effluent was brought up to permit standards.

CSTR Anaerobic Digester for Bioplastics Manufacturer

When an Italian bioplastics manufacturer began using an innovative process to produce 1-4, Butanediol from a renewable source, it decided to buy and refurbish an existing plant. Using existing and new equipment, Fluence devised three trains for primary treatment of well water, as well as treatment of effluent with a high organic load. The treatment plant includes a continuous stirred tank reactor (CSTR) anaerobic digester to treat sludge and to produce biogas, which is used to generate steam for production.

Packaged Treatment for Remote Military Facility

In 2001, the U.S Navy needed wastewater treatment for its detention center in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. Fluence was able to overcome difficult logistics to provide a packaged plant using advanced extended aeration wastewater treatment. The system treats 300,000 GPD for discharge into the ocean. To meet the Navy's requirement that 35,000 GPD be treated for reuse as grey water, a sand, dual-cell tertiary filter system was supplied. Fluence was responsible for the system startup, and for training base personnel to operate it.

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