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High-quality water and wastewater treatment can help preserve the natural beauty that draws visitors to the Caribbean.

Fluence can provide reliable, expertly managed infrastructure with no upfront cost

From Trinidad & Tobago to Jamaica, the Caribbean is a haven for vacationers from around the world. As a result, hotels and resorts use a lot of water, and infrastructure is frequently inadequate and outdated. Discharges of partially treated or untreated wastewater threaten the pristine waters and reef ecosystems that attract tourism.

As Caribbean droughts become more frequent and populations grow, water becomes harder to source and prices rise. And when competing interests vie for diminishing water resources and infrastructure struggles to keep up with demand, local relationships can become strained. What starts as a simple quest for a solution can become complicated.

Tourist destinations need competitively priced water infrastructure, but how can they find the resources? What about a skilled, permanent workforce to operate facilities?

Fluence’s Water Management Services are designed to help fill this gap. With Water Management Services, Fluence experts build compact water or wastewater treatment plants on-site and remotely manage them, empowering the hospitality industry to focus on guests, not water treatment. The customer simply pays for the water, and Fluence pays for the upfront construction costs as well as maintenance.

Why Bring Water and Wastewater Treatment On-Site?

Theoretically, the advantages of public water utilities are clear: Clean water can be piped to a hotel or resort to fill its needs and wastewater can be piped out. All hotel management needs to do is pay the utility bill. Yet there can be problems with cost, reliability, supply, and community relations.

Treating water and wastewater on-site gives an organization more control. And Fluence’s Water Management Services can make it happen. We take care of everything from financing, to risk, to operation, to maintenance, so you can take care of your guests. It’s like having a water utility dedicated solely to your hotel.

Our end-to-end water and wastewater plans are perfect for hotels and resorts. They include project financing for solutions that cover all needs, including desalination of seawater or brackish water on the way in, and wastewater treatment and safe reuse on the way out.

When wastewater is treated on-site, it remains on the property for reuse, something not practical with centralized treatment. Water from Fluence’s Aspiral™ modular treatment plants meets the world’s highest reuse standards, including California’s Title 22 and China’s Class 1A, and can be used for an extensive list of nonpotable hotel applications such as landscape and fairway irrigation, cleaning, and toilet flushing. In cases where the water is not reused, the high-quality water can be safely discharged into the environment, helping keep beaches white and coral reefs vital.

Desalination and water reuse reduce withdrawals from limited and frequently contentious traditional water sources on islands. For example, Fluence’s NIROBOX™ installation at Resorts World Bimini produces desalinated water for the resort, with enough left over to share with the surrounding community.

On-Site Treatments That Do Not Disturb

We know your guests don’t want to think about water treatment any more than you do, so our units are compact and easily hidden, with low noise and no odor. Containerized units can also be customized to match your brand or blend into surroundings.

With our Water Management Services, our interests are aligned with yours. Because Fluence is making a long-term infrastructure investment linked specifically to your success, we want to quickly get you the quality infrastructure you need and grow with you.

Contact Fluence to tell us about your water treatment goals and to learn more about what our Water Management Services can do for you.

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