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With water at a premium, hotels and resorts are seeking ways to make the most of water. On-site desalination and water reuse have a big role to play.

Hotels and resorts can overcome the challenge of limited fresh water and meet their water needs with desalination and water reuse

One of the biggest challenges that hotels and resorts in the Caribbean face is meeting the growing demand for a limited supply of fresh water. Keeping resorts and their guests happy — and their businesses sustainable — will require a creative effort to use water more efficiently, making every drop count.

Reusing Wastewater

In addition to limited supplies of fresh water, some remote island resorts also lack basic infrastructure, such as a sewage network that they can discharge their wastewater into for processing at a central location. Consequently, sewage is discharged into the environment untreated. Inadequate treatment can result in negative environmental, health, and socioeconomic impacts. One solution to address the challenges associated with both wastewater treatment and water availability is to treat wastewater on-site for reuse.

Fluence’s Aspiral™ MABR plants offer a compact, modular wastewater treatment solution that can treat water to a quality suitable for nonpotable water reuse. The Aspiral™ plants incorporate membrane aerated biofilm reactor (MABR) technology, which uses 90% less energy for aeration than conventional biological wastewater treatment methods.

This makes them suitable for decentralized wastewater treatment, even in remote, off-grid locations that rely on alternative sources of energy. The high-quality effluent can be reused to irrigate landscaping and flush toilets, reducing reliance on freshwater resources for these requirements.

Treating Water On-Site

New innovative technologies now allow island resorts to treat both their water and wastewater with one packaged system. Fluence’s Water 360 solution includes a NIROBOX™ desalination plant, which can treat seawater or brackish water to drinking water standards, and an Aspiral™ wastewater treatment plant. Desalinated water can be used within the resort for drinking, cooking, showering, bathing, or for topping up swimming pools. Wastewater generated after use undergoes primary and secondary treatment with Aspiral™, producing a high-quality effluent that can safely be reused to irrigate hotel grounds.

Aspiral™ can be tailored to include tertiary treatment processes, such as filtration and disinfection, to produce drinking water. Potable water produced on-site can even be bottled and served or sold to guests, alleviating the need to purchase and ship bottled water from external suppliers.

Fluence’s Water 360 combined water service solution addresses the challenges associated with water availability by converting seawater into potable water and wastewater into a valuable resource. This can reduce the costs associated with purchasing water and disposing of wastewater by up to 30%. And, no upfront investment is required.

Outsourcing Water Management

Because managing water supplies in remote locations can be so challenging, sometimes it’s best to outsource the job to a team of water experts. When you partner with Fluence’s Water Management Services, we take care of your water challenges and only charge you for the water you use. Our engineers will design a sustainable and cost-efficient solution based on your requirements, finance the project, and operate and maintain the plant on your behalf. Contact Fluence to find out more about our Water 360 combined water solution and water management services.

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