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SUBRE towers of stacked MABR modules can be submerged in existing plants for enhanced nutrient removal, energy savings, or increased capacity -- all on the same footprint

With increased urbanization, wastewater treatment facilities are challenged as they try to keep up with increasing population and new regulations. Budget constraints and limited available land often prevent construction of new facilities. Fluence’s SUBRE MABR solution can come to the rescue with highly efficient removal of biological nutrients, reduced energy use or increased capacity, and progress toward energy-neutral treatment within the existing plant.

SUBRE uses membrane aerated biofilm reactor (MABR) technology, which has been described as one of this decade's most important advances in wastewater treatment. Due to its simultaneous nitrification-denitrification and enhanced bio-phosphorus removal, MABR excels in nutrient removal, producing high-quality effluent while slashing energy use.

Fluence’s MABR technology has been successfully deployed around the world. If you're interested in putting it to work at your wastewater treatment facility, contact Fluence to learn more.

SUBRE MABR Wastewater Treatment Infographic

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