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On-site Water and Wastewater Treatment for Oilfield Worker Housing

Fluence's Aspiral™ and NIROBOX™ Smart Packaged solutions provide treatment with maximum flexibility built in

Often located in remote settings, oil and natural gas worker camps benefit from on-site wastewater treatment that can be quickly set up and relocated.

Fluence offers containerized water and wastewater treatment solutions for worker housing that efficiently treat water on site, so you don't need to impact the local community or environment.

Aspiral™ in Action: Wastewater Treatment for New Mexico Worker Housing

When an RV park for oilfield workers in Carlsbad, New Mexico, needed to bring its wastewater disposal into compliance, Fluence installed a decentralized wastewater treatment plant -- using Aspiral™ Smart Packaged units -- to meet regulations and recycle water for dust control.

Aspiral Wastewater Treatment

Modular Water Solutions for Workforce Housing

With its Smart Packaged water and wastewater solutions, Fluence can provide treatment for the full water cycle so worker housing no longer has to rely on local infrastructure. Units, which are packaged in standard shipping containers, are quick and easy to deploy, and can be used in tandem to extend capacity.

Learn more about Fluence’s Smart Packaged Aspiral™ for on-site MABR-based wastewater treatment, and our Smart Packaged NIROBOX™ for on-site desalination and freshwater treatment.

Benefits of Fluence Solutions for Oilfield Work Camps

Fluence decentralized treatment solutions offer an array of benefits for worker housing, including:


Aspiral™ uses MABR technology, which performs simultaneous nitrification-denitrification for nutrient removal that meets California's Title 22 and China's Class 1A and IV standards. The effluent is suitable for irrigation, dust control, and release into the environment. NIROBOX™ contains state-of-the-art desalination technology in a compact package, efficiently producing drinking water from saline, brackish, or fresh source water.


Fluence's MABR modules use low-pressure passive aeration, reducing energy consumption by up to 30%. This low-energy consumption allows for decentralized treatment off the power grid. With its low energy consumption and chemical use, NIROBOX™ has the lowest carbon footprint for a desalination plant in its class.


With its low odor and noise production, Aspiral™ won't disturb neighbors or the surrounding community. Aspiral™ and NIROBOX™ operate on a small footprint, and both solutions create alternate sources of fresh water, reducing competition for existing resources.


Fluence's modular units are built in standard shipping containers for quick deployment and commissioning. When workforce housing is moved, water and wastewater treatment can be easily moved along with it.

Flexible and Scalable

NIROBOX™ and Aspiral™ units are available in multiple sizes and can be used in tandem to increase capacity. The units can be easily redeployed or sold as needs change.

Efficient and Cost-Effective

Both NIROBOX™ and Aspiral™ plants bring treatment directly to the point of use, eliminating the need for expensive pipe networks.

Wastewater Treatment with Aspiral™

Fluence Aspiral™ plants use ultra-efficient MABR technology for effective wastewater treatment. Aspiral™ produces an effluent suitable for irrigation, flushing toilets, and other "purple pipe" applications.

Smart Packaged Wastewater Treatment

Water Treatment with NIROBOX™

NIROBOX™ water treatment plants have options for seawater and brackish water desalination, as well as purification of fresh water. NIROBOX™ uses reverse osmosis for maximum effectiveness, producing water suitable for drinking.

Solutions for Oil and Gas Worker Housing

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