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Water and wastewater solutions for resorts must consider the importance of preserving the natural beauty of the surroundings.

Desalination and water reuse together offer a sustainable water and wastewater management solution

Vacation resorts on Caribbean islands offer an idyllic escape from the rat race. But for operators, availability of fresh water can pose a challenge and limit growth. Once fresh water has been used within a resort, the wastewater generated must be appropriately treated and managed to prevent it from harming the environment surrounding the resort or posing a health risk to visitors and surrounding communities.

Caribbean resorts often are located on remote beaches, surrounded by ocean. They may not be connected to water and sewer systems, so treatment must be performed on-site. This can be a logistical challenge due to labor constraints, site accessibility, and the costs involved. But it doesn’t have to be.

Combined Water Service Solution

Fluence’s Water 360 solution has been specially designed for hotels, resorts, and remote off-grid property developments. Water 360 covers all of a resort’s water and wastewater treatment needs in one convenient package.

Seawater or brackish water is treated with a Fluence NIROBOX™ desalination plant to make it potable. The resulting water can safely be used as a source of drinking water, for showering or bathing, and to fill swimming pools.

Once this water has been used, the wastewater generated is treated with Fluence’s Aspiral™ smart wastewater treatment solution, which produces a high-quality effluent that can be safely reused to irrigate landscaping or recreation facilities such as golf courses. The effluent also can be discharged into the environment without fear of polluting groundwater or coastal waters or causing harm to sensitive ecological systems.

Water, Energy, and Cost Efficiency

With Fluence’s Water 360 combined solution, costs associated with water and wastewater can be reduced by up to 30%. Instead of paying twice for using fresh water, and treating and disposing of wastewater, wastewater is efficiently treated for reuse. This increases the amount of water available to the resort without incurring additional costs.

Fluence’s Aspiral™ wastewater treatment plants use membrane aerated biofilm reactor (MABR) technology. MABR relies on passive aeration, which uses 90% less energy during the aeration stage than conventional wastewater treatment plants. This reduces the energy costs associated with operating the plant and makes the plants suitable for use with renewable energy in off-grid situations.

Water Management With No Upfront Investment

Both the NIROBOX™ desalination and Aspiral™ wastewater treatment plants used in Fluence’s Water 360 combined water service solution are packaged in standard shipping containers that can be sent anywhere in the world. Their compact, plug-and-play design means they require little space, are easy to operate, are fully portable, and can be scaled up should more capacity be needed.

With Water 360, you can rest assured your water challenges will be taken care of by global experts in the field of decentralized potable water supply and wastewater treatment and reuse, with no upfront investment needed.

Fluence will assess your requirements, design a sustainable and cost-efficient solution, finance the engineering costs associated with the project, and operate the plant on your behalf. With your water challenges taken care of, you can focus on managing your resort optimally and keeping your guests happy.

Having a reliable source of water is crucial to the survival and growth of hotels and resorts in the Caribbean. Contact Fluence to find out more about our Water 360 combined water service solution and how it can help your resort flourish and grow sustainably.

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