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With its low energy requirements, Fluence's Smart Packaged wastewater treatment solution can bring high-quality effluent to even the most remote areas

Fluence's mission is to bring sustainable, decentralized water treatment anywhere in the world, and our new Aspiral™ solution has removed a range of obstacles that have long stood in the way of small- and medium-scale wastewater treatment worldwide. Aspiral's high capacity, easy portability, agile scalability, available financing, and extremely low energy requirements make high-quality wastewater treatment attainable in more places than ever before.

At the heart of the Smart Packaged Aspiral wastewater treatment solution is Fluence's revolutionary membrane aerated biofilm reactor (MABR) technology. Aspiral models are manufactured in either 20- or 40-foot shipping containers for easy transport worldwide. Units can be installed in as little as one month between placement of the order and commissioning. Site preparation is minimal and requires the smallest footprint in the industry.

How does Aspiral set the standard for wastewater treatment?

  • Mobile and scalable: In an era of climate change and explosive population growth, need is hard to predict and agility is key. Once installed, Aspiral units remain highly portable. Operations can be scaled up by running units in tandem, or scaled back by removing or relocating them. Aspiral has the highest volume-to-footprint ratio in the industry.
  • Efficient Delivery of Quality Effluent: Aspiral units are low-maintenance, automated, and can be monitored and controlled remotely by smartphone or tablet. Units are customized for each application. Aspiral models handle 20-350 m3/day (5,250-90,000 GPD), producing U.S. EPA-certified effluent, exceeding both Class 1A (China) and Title 22 (California) standards.
  • Flexible Application: Aspiral is ideal for hotels and resorts, small communities and towns, commercial complexes, and work sites, even remote ones far from central treatment plants. A very low power requirement makes off-grid operation viable with alternative energy sources. And, low-noise and low-odor operation -- along with its tiny footprint -- make Aspiral a good neighbor to communities and resorts alike.

What else makes Aspiral such a game-changer for wastewater treatment? Learn more in the infographic below.


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Aspiral Decentralized Wastewater Treatment Infographic

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