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The NIROBOX™ family of Smart Packaged water solutions has scalable options for seawater and brackish water desalination, as well as purification of fresh water

Fluence NIROBOX units provide flexible, scalable, and economical treatment for a wide range of desalination and freshwater treatment needs.

Modular NIROBOX plants, which are housed in fully assembled shipping containers, feature high recovery rates, and low energy and chemical consumption. They're ideal for decentralized water treatment, and can deliver flexible, sustainable treatment solutions anywhere in the world, with minimal environmental impact and at the most competitive cost available.

NIROBOX plants can be adapted to meet your specific requirements, providing an independent solution on virtually any scale, from single, self-contained units to large water treatment plants.
You can learn more about NIROBOX in the infographic below. Contact Fluence to configure the best solution for your water treatment needs.

Decentralized Water Treatment

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