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Company Intends to Leverage Dominance in Italian Poultry Processing to Increase Share of est. Global US$2.3B Market Sector.

Melbourne, Australia & New York, USA – July 31, 2017 – Fluence Corporation Limited (ASX: FLC) (“Fluence” or the “Company”), a global leader in water and wastewater treatment solutions, today announced that its subsidiary, Fluence Italy, has secured a contract to develop and build a wastewater treatment for Avimecc, a poultry meat processing company. The plant will be built in Modica, Italy at Avimecc’s meat processing site in the south of Italy, that processes approximately 40,000 chickens per day and is planned to be expanded in the coming years to 70,000 chickens per day. Avimecc anticipates that it will recoup the cost of the plant through energy recovery and waste reduction within 5 years of operation.

This contract brings the total value of poultry waste processing contracts won this month to US$2.1M with the potential to be up to US$3.8M pending regional funding.

“We are very pleased to win this new contract with Avimecc, which lifts Fluence’s market share of the Italian poultry processing treatment market to an estimated 70%,” said Henry Charrabé, Managing Director and CEO of Fluence. “Global poultry production is estimated at 90.4 million tons annually, which we estimate translates into a global opportunity for new treatment and energy recovery plants in poultry plants of approximately US$2.3 billion. With Fluence’s global reach, including U.S., Brazil, China and Europe, we are well-positioned to take our proven success in Italy and replicate it around the world.”

Fluence Italy was selected as the vendor for the Avimecc project because of its experience in poultry slaughterhouses and its highly effective wastewater treatment technology. Poultry slaughterhouse waste includes water and solid by-products with high organic pollutant load and a high quantity of greases, nitrogen and phosphorous. Waste processing requires specifically designed systems and technology to meet discharge limits and to recover valuable by-products. At its plant in Modica, Avimecc aspires to reduce the cost of wastewater treatment and produce renewable energy. The processing plant used to treat wastewater in a conventional way, via flotation and activated sludge treatment. Fluence’s solution will revamp the existing aerobic plant and add anaerobic digestion on the floated sludge and was designed to improve the quality of effluent, reduce the operating cost and produce biogas.

About Fluence Corporation

Fluence Corporation intends to become a leading global provider of fast deployment, smart, decentralized and packaged water and wastewater treatment solutions. Fluence is addressing a market estimated at A$17 billion market in 2016, with substantial incremental growth opportunities in the China rural water treatment segment. Fluence has experience in over 70 countries worldwide and employs more than 300 highly-trained water professionals around the globe. Fluence provides local, sustainable treatment and reuse solutions while empowering businesses and communities worldwide to make the most of their water resources.

Fluence offers an integrated range of services across the complete water cycle, from early stage evaluation, through design and delivery, to ongoing support and optimization of water-related assets. The group has core operations in North America, South America, China, the Middle East and Europe.

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About Avimecc

Avimecc Group is one of the largest producers in the poultry sector in Italy. The production site, located in Modica (Sicily), is the largest in the south of Italy, processing 40,000 chickens per day, with an expansion plan to achieve 70,000 chickens per day in the coming years. Environmental protection is one of its key principles and it is strongly committed to energy efficiency and energy production from renewable sources.

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