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Packaged Wastewater Treatment for Lakeside City

Two treatment trains can be used individually, or together to handle much higher flow during summer months

Tertiary Filtration Treats Effluent for Discharge Into Lake

Fluence provided a dual-train wastewater treatment plant, including a prewired fiberglass building fitted with controls and blowers.


Sunrise Beach, a small city on the shores of Lake of the Ozarks in central Missouri, is a popular vacation destination in the summer months. The town's original, very basic wastewater treatment system was unable to keep up with higher effluent quality requirements. In addition, the existing plant couldn't keep up with increased flow during the summer, when it doubled.


The city needed a larger system that could treat effluent for discharge into the lake and could handle increased load from summer visitors. The plant's output had to meet a stringent ammonia limit.


Fluence provided a packaged wastewater treatment system that treats up to 50,000 GPD. The dual-train design provides advanced wastewater treatment during periods of fluctuating inflow. After equalization, the flow is split between the two treatment trains, each comprised of a pre- and post-anoxic chamber, a sludge-holding chamber, an aeration chamber, and a clarifier. After secondary treatment, the waste stream enters the tertiary filter system, which includes a biological screening process that further reduces total suspended solids (TSS). Fluence provided a fiberglass building, prewired and fitted with all blowers and controls, saving the contractor time and money during the installation.


By providing a dual-train system, the operator can isolate one train during the winter to treat the 25,000 GPD flow rate, and use both trains in the summer months when the population increases. This design provides a higher degree of treatment, operational flexibility, and significant energy savings.


Sunrise Beach, Missouri

City of Sunrise Beach

Packaged Wastewater Treatment

Advanced extended aeration with nitrification-denitrification and rapid sand tertiary filtration



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