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Water Sustainability Blog

News on the world's most precious resource, including the latest in research, trends, and treatment advances

What Is One Water?

What Is One Water?

The ‘One Water’ approach holds that all water has value, even stormwater and wastewater, and current technology is ready to maximize every drop.

Is Water Scarcity in Africa a Myth?

Is Water Scarcity in Africa a Myth?

Research suggests that the fix for Africa’s water shortage is close by, but science, education, and better management are needed to tap it.

Return Your Old TORNADO Lower-End for Credit

From today until November 30, customers can take advantage of Fluence's Core Exchange Program by returning their old TORNADO lower-ends for up to $750 credit per lower-end. The credit value is based on the quantity and quality of the reusable parts received. The customer is responsible for shipping the TORNADO to the Fluence factory in Minneapolis, MN, as well as freight charges. Please do not include the motor mount or the propeller with your return.

To get a return form, contact Josh Urbaniski from the Fluence Parts Department at [email protected].


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