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Water Sustainability Blog

News on the world’s most precious resource, including the latest in research, trends, and treatment advances

California’s Water Storage Proposals

The huge state, with its wide range of geography and climate, is thinking creatively to avoid water crises As Californian dry seasons become more brutal, the state finds itself in need of more water storage. Environmental concerns and a changing demand structure are...

Measuring Water Stress

However it's measured, water insufficiency affects billions around the world "Water stress" is a term we hear more and more, but its definition is not yet the same across organizations and national borders. California Water Sustainability, a project of University of...

New Study Links Septic Tanks to Florida Algal Blooms

State seeks millions to help residents disconnect from septic systems and connect to sewers In 2004, the first major toxic green algal blooms were noted on Florida's tourism-reliant coastlines. Less than a decade later, the blooms earned the summer of 2013 the title...


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