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Water Sustainability Blog

News on the world’s most precious resource, including the latest in research, trends, and treatment advances

California’s Drought Returns

After taking a short break, mandatory conservation measures are being considered In 2017, California Governor Jerry Brown marked the end of the state's four-year drought by cancelling a state of emergency. After a winter of heavy precipitation, a mandatory 25%...

Study: Involving Public Leads to Better Water Management

Ratepayers' and water managers' differing priorities may be bridged with education on issues A new study from Portland State University has identified a specific dissonance between the concerns of the public and of local officials responsible for water management. The...

Hotels Embrace Water Sustainability as a Bottom-Line Necessity

Measures by the major water consumers range from efficient fixtures to in-house desalination In the United States, hotel rooms, pools, landscaping, laundries, and other facilities account for 15% of all water use in institutional and commercial facilities. And...

Study: Water Use in Concrete Production Higher Than Expected

Researchers uncover areas where better management may mitigate high water use Although many environmental impacts of concrete production have been well studied, little research has been dedicated to just how much water it uses. But, a study published in the journal...

California’s Water Storage Proposals

The huge state, with its wide range of geography and climate, is thinking creatively to avoid water crises As Californian dry seasons become more brutal, the state finds itself in need of more water storage. Environmental concerns and a changing demand structure are...


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