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MONSOON® Paddle-Wheel Aerators

Horizontal Mixing and High-Oxygen Transfer

Individually or in groups, MONSOON® floating paddle-wheel aerators develop large flow patterns and produce strong horizontal mixing and high oxygen transfer for oxidation of ditches, lagoons, and tanks.

Available models range in speeds of 5 to 30 horsepower (3.75 to 22.5 kilowatts).

Monsoon Paddle-Wheel Aerators Features

Top-quality bearings, grit-resistant seals, an extra-large gear reducer, and foam-filled floats make every Monsoon floating paddle-wheel aerator safe and dependable. Stainless steel replaceable shafts bolt onto a torque tube, providing exact alignment and maximizing the shaft bearing life. Splash shields prevent excessive soaking of bearings, gear reducer, and motor for greater reliability. We factory test each Monsoon aerator before shipment to ensure that the equipment meets stringent Fluence specifications. Features include:

  • 100% stainless steel construction for the ultimate in corrosion resistance
  • Integral legs and feet, which prevent basin and equipment damage if water level drops
  • Heavy-duty gear reducer to provide high design safety
  • Foam-filled stainless steel floats that won’t sink even if punctured
  • Grease-lubricated bearings to maximize equipment life
  • Field-replaceable rotor blades
  • Adjustable power draw
  • High rate of aeration and mixing
How the Monsoon Paddle-Wheel Aerator Works

The rotating blades turn at 40 to 80 rpm and scoop water into the air, breaking the water droplets into a fine mist and combining them with air to generate high levels of oxygen transfer.

The horizontal pumping action then pushes the highly aerated water out into the basin while drawing water from deep within the basin and from behind the Monsoon aerator, resulting in extremely high oxygen transfer conditions.

The Monsoon paddle-wheel aerator functions well in lagoons, oxidation ditches, and equalization basins.

Industry-Tested Aeration Solutions

We offer lease units as a quick backup for unforeseen conditions, if your capital budget is limited, or if you would like to evaluate a unit. When you decide to buy your leased equipment, you’ll get a generous credit for your lease payments.

At Fluence, our applications engineers are devoted exclusively to helping treatment plant operators, consulting engineers, and contractors worldwide. With decades of expertise and best-in-class aeration technologies, our experts can help you find the right solution for your unique challenges.

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