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In aerobic wastewater treatment, bacteria and other microbes feed on the organic matter in an oxygen-rich environment, so aeration is a vital part of the process.

Microbes are the backbone of an aerobic wastewater treatment system, and they need oxygen to work efficiently

Biological wastewater treatment is an economical alternative to chemical and mechanical wastewater treatments. It makes use of bacteria and other organisms to decompose organic waste present in wastewater. The microorganisms feed on the organic material to obtain the nutrients they need to sustain them, either in the presence of oxygen (aerobically) or not (anaerobically).

Aerobic wastewater treatment is a natural process where bacteria and other microbes feed on the organic matter in an oxygen-rich environment, decomposing it in the process. It is used in the activated sludge process for treating municipal sewage or industrial wastewater.

During this oxidation stage, organic components are broken down into carbon dioxide, water, nitrates and sulfates, and the microorganisms reproduce, creating a growing colony.

When wastewater contains high levels of organic matter, more bacteria are needed to break it down. Since aerobic bacteria need oxygen to carry out this task, there will be a higher biochemical oxygen demand (BOD). So, it’s critical that there’s enough dissolved oxygen to sustain a healthy population of microorganisms. Aerobic digestion can be sped up by adding oxygen to the wastewater during the treatment process using various aeration technologies.

Fluence offers several durable aeration products, including the TORNADO® aerator and HURRICANE® submersible aerator, which can handle a variety of municipal and industrial wastewater treatment applications.

Subsurface Aeration

The TORNADO® aerator is a subsurface aerator that can be used for extended aeration, supplying oxygen to aerobic bacteria during the activated sludge treatment process. The TORNADO® aerates and mixes wastewater, ensuring oxygen is transferred efficiently throughout the wastewater treatment tank.

There are two versions of the rugged, low-maintenance TORNADO® aerator:

  1. The self-aspirating aerator that works by sucking air from the surface and forcing it below the surface
  2. The blower-assisted aerator, which forces more oxygen into the wastewater than the self-aspirating version.

Both versions are available in a variety of different sizes ranging from 2 to 100 horsepower (1.5-75 kilowatt).

To increase treatment capacity in aeration tanks and to save energy, TORNADO® aerators are available with pure oxygen aeration. Pure oxygen can also be retrofitted into existing TORNADO® installations.

Submersible Aeration

The HURRICANE® aerator is a submersible aerator that operates from the bottom of the tank to provide 360-degree radial aeration and mixing. The HURRICANE® is a cost-effective, self-contained aeration system that doesn’t require any additional equipment to run.

The system’s unique air diffusers are extremely efficient at oxygenating and mixing wastewater. A rotating impeller sucks air into the inlet pipe, where it is mixed with water and forced out into the wastewater at high velocity through radial diffuser tubes. Oxygenated water is delivered to the bottom of the tank causing air bubbles to rise up to the surface, transferring oxygen throughout the wastewater in the tank.

The system can be operated as a mixer/aerator or as a mixer simply by shutting off a valve to the air inlet pipe or adjusting the depth of water in the tank.

Since submersible aeration takes place on the floor of the tank, there is no splashing, which minimizes the production of dangerous aerosols and facilitates the growth of a healthy microbe community, even in cold climates.

Contact Fluence to learn more about our aeration products and aerobic wastewater treatment solutions. Our experts will help you select the best system for your needs.

If you would like to try before you buy, Fluence has lease units available in both the TORNADO® and HURRICANE® lines. If you decide to purchase your leased aerator down the line, Fluence offers a generous credit for lease payments you have made.

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