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Fountains offer many benefits beyond aesthetics, such as controlling algae and promoting the health of bodies of water.

By aerating water, fountains control algal overgrowth and improve water oxygen levels

We all love to watch water in motion. Fountains and other moving water features are frequently used to draw visitors. Did you know that fountains bring benefits beyond providing entertainment?

1. Keeping water clean.

Aerators can enhance water circulation for golf courses, which tend to suffer from high-nutrient runoff from fertilizers used to manage turf.

High-nutrient runoff from fertilized golf courses, parks, and gardens often enters ponds, lagoons, and lakes , potentially leading to overgrowth of aquatic weeds and harmful, or even toxic algal blooms that can kill fish and pose danger to human health.

Fountains like the Fluence AuraAER®, however, help control the unwanted algae and weeds that can take over bodies of water, and increase water oxygen levels for aquatic life. They also increase water movement that deters mosquito breeding.

2. Noise mitigation.

The sounds of nearby rush hour can be camouflaged by water features like a water fountain.

The steady splashing of water mitigates distracting noises, particularly in areas near high-traffic roadways or busy parks. Enhancing the atmosphere of a backyard or courtyard pond with a floating fountain can provide a more enjoyable experience for those near it.

3. Cooling

In the Middle East, fountains are designed with cooling in mind.

An active fountain can also provide cooling. As fountain water mixes with air, cooling evaporation increases. It has a greater impact in enclosed, shaded areas such as the north sides of buildings and areas surrounded by walls, trees, and vegetation. In the Middle East, fountains are designed with cooling in mind, with wall openings that concentrate wind over fountains and direct it into courtyards and buildings.

Fountain Controversy

Water fountains do provoke some controversy. Some think that purely aesthetic fountains are a waste of water.

Others think that aesthetic value is important psychologically. Residents of parched Arizona take a middle ground approach. They appreciate the civic value of public fountains but consider commercial applications unjustified. Permits have been denied in the region for commercial water features that would use very little water merely because of the perception of squandering water.

Solar Fountains Can Reduce Odor, Control Algae

In existing bodies of water, though, the benefits of fountains are clear. It’s even better when they take advantage of solar power.

For example, Fluence’s AuraAER® solar floating fountains operate in as little as 30 inches of water, distributing oxygen with four different spray patterns, each delivering a different level of aeration.

AuraAER® reduces odors, controls algae, protects fish, and supports natural purification processes in smaller water bodies while adding to aesthetic ambience. And all-solar fountain operation virtually eliminates fountain maintenance, energy consumption, and safety issues of wired fountains.

With decades of experience building aeration equipment for the toughest industrial applications, Fluence has become a top choice of consulting engineers in the field. We build AuraAER® in Minnesota with all the made-in-USA quality of its larger TORNADO® and HURRICANE® industrial cousins. Contact Fluence to learn more about AuraAER®.

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