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LumenAER® Aeration at WWTP in Panama

Solar-powered circulators reduce odor and mosquitoes at wastewater treatment plant

Solar-Powered Circulators Improve WWTP

Since LumenAER aerators are solar-powered, they can be positioned as needed without concern for power cables.


For years, the wastewater treatment plant at Villa Mercedes in David City, Panama, emitted harsh odors and was home to a large mosquito population, which created a difficult situation for nearby residents. Treatment at the plant had to be improved to successfully treat up to 4.6 million GPD of wastewater, eliminate odors, and reduce the mosquito problem.


Blackwater Panama chose two LumenAER solar-powered water circulators from Fluence to gently mix the wastewater, distribute oxygen, and prevent sedimentation at the bottom of the lagoon. The circulators evenly distributed aerobic and facultative bacteria that were added to the wastewater to harness the dissolved oxygen in a more efficient way.

LumenAER provides an environmentally friendly solution to a variety of problems that affect stormwater, leachate, and wastewater ponds and lakes. It is effective in treating common issues, including excessive algae growth, foul odors, and excessive chemical use. Since the LumenAER is solar-powered, the aerator also helps to reduce the overall cost of aeration. Fabricated from stainless steel, it is designed to withstand temperature variations and harsh water quality


The LumenAER solar-powered circulators are successfully treating the wastewater seven days a week, 24 hours a day. The water circulation improves the function of the microbes introduced into the lagoon to reduce the organic load. Since the LumenAER circulators are solar-powered, operators can easily move the units as needed without concern for power cords.

The odors have been eliminated and the mosquito infestation has dissipated. Two thousand fish were introduced into the lagoon to serve as biological indicators for a healthy environment. The fish also serve as food for birds and other species that converge near the site. The success of this project has given CONADES the confidence to repeat this application in other lagoons in Panama.


Villa Mercedes, David City, Chiriquí, Panama

National Council for Sustainable Development (CONADES)

LumenAER® Solar-powered Circulators, SB-T Model

Wastewater Aeration


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