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News on the world's most precious resource, including the latest in research, trends, and treatment advances

Stir It Up: Five Tips for More Effective Industrial Aeration

Stir It Up: Five Tips for More Effective Industrial Aeration

We all know that aeration is a simple but versatile secondary treatment, with uses ranging from removing gases and dangerous compounds from wastewater, to encouraging the action of microbes as they break down solids. If you're using aeration in an industrial setting,...

Can Water Treatment Help Reduce Harmful Algal Blooms?

Toxic algae blooms, which occur worldwide, have been making headlines from coast to coast in the United States. Florida and California are seeing blooms now and face more in the future. What conditions trigger these blooms? There are at least 400 coastal zones in the...

The Role of Surface Aeration in Wastewater Treatment

The process of aeration is used to mix, circulate, or dissolve air into a liquid or another substance. Mechanical aeration can reduce the amount of chemicals needed to treat a body of water by providing the oxygen that bacteria need to function properly. There are two...

A Very Brief History of Lead in Water Supplies

Lead has been present in water since the invention of plumbing. If this claim seems like hyperbole, consider that the symbol for lead is Pb -- from the Latin word "plumbum." Lead, a naturally occurring metal, has been used throughout history, and was long a material...

How Is Lead Removed From the Water Supply?

There are a lot of questions being asked nowadays about lead contamination in water, including how lead is removed from water. In most cases, lead is not present in the water source. When lead is present, water treatment may remove it and other contaminants, but...

What Is Pure Oxygen Aeration?

Aeration is a well-known process most of us understand and have experienced -- who hasn't blown bubbles through a straw into a liquid or seen water jet from a decorative fountain? But what is pure oxygen aeration? Aeration is used to either mix, circulate, or dissolve...

Return Your Old TORNADO Lower-End for Credit

From today until November 30, customers can take advantage of Fluence's Core Exchange Program by returning their old TORNADO lower-ends for up to $750 credit per lower-end. The credit value is based on the quantity and quality of the reusable parts received. The customer is responsible for shipping the TORNADO to the Fluence factory in Minneapolis, MN, as well as freight charges. Please do not include the motor mount or the propeller with your return.

To get a return form, contact Josh Urbaniski from the Fluence Parts Department at [email protected].


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